Idea Behind this page

We are glad to launch Services page on our blog. Many bloggers contact me daily on facebook and via email requesting to help them in decrypting the templates and other Tech related stuff. So, I've decided to launch this services page to help you out in blogging.

We've seen tricks on various sites that fool users saying that they remove the footer links from blogger templates and decrypt the encrypted footer credits. Often what they do is just hide the element from the page using CSS attributes. These tricks just hide the links from the page.

But this is not actually what is intended as the backlink to the author site remains in your template. This is definitely not good for SEO.  Also the encrypted scripts consume a lot of time to run increasing your page loading speed.

Save yourself from such fishy tricks by hiring me for free(I don't need money, but just your support).

Services I offer:

Decrypt the Scripts and Remove the Footer Links

If you feel that you need help in removing such footer links and encrypted java scripts from your blogger template, then you have come to the right place. You can contact me for all such stuff.
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How to send your request to decrypt the scripts or remove footer links

Subject: [Template script decryption/ Remove Footer Links]

Body: [URL of the template]

Include any other details and modifications that you need in the body.

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