About Us

About Tricks Star

Hi, I am happy to see you here. You are on our About us page, that simply means that either you liked our work or you are very eager to know what do I actually do here. So, Let me explain, Tricks Star is a platform for everyone on Internet evolved from the idea of passionate blogger and programmer to help people with common problems they encounter on Internet and to reveal the original potential of knowledge sharing.

Tech Google is a website mainly aimed for sharing knowledge. One man cannot do everything but a Team can do anything. So it is open for everyone. Here people can share their Articles and Promote them-selves or their Website and their Organization. All you have to do is Start Writing about Your Website or Company and E-mail the article to me, if the Article seems to be Genuine, then I will Approve that and you will be invited to work with me.

About the Founder 

I'm a passionate blogger presently studying B.tech in Computer Science. Tricks Star was initiated by me to bring to light the original potential of Internet. I'm fascinated of latest technology, gadgets and I also love to exploit technology and learn new tips and tricks in internet, and share my knowledge with everyone in the world. I'm also a programmer little mastered in C, C++ and Java Programming. Want to know more about me then stay connected through Facebook.