Quick fix to solve slow loading of Downloads folder in Windows OS

Windows is a pretty good operating system that's user friendly and you don't need to be a geek to use it. But when you mess up with the default settings, it becomes a hell. I faced a similar issue with the properties of the Downloads folder in Windows that's created by default when you install the Windows OS on you hard drive.

I  have also seen a lot of users facing the issue. The Downloads folder seems to load for ever in the explorer even though it has very less number of items. Usually it's common that explorer takes some time if a folder has lot of items in it.


How did I mess up with the Downloads folder

Actually, when I encountered some lags with the Explorer, I decided to Refresh the PC that re-installs the operating system. As a backup, I moved my downloads folder to another drive in my PC. After refreshing the PC, obviously a new Downloads folder was created in the C drive. As there was already Downloads folder in other drive, might be the properties of Downloads in C drive were changed. So, I was facing a very great lag in loading the contents of Downloads folder in C drive. I did a search and found what was messed up.

Fix for Slow Loading of Downloads Folder

The reason for lag in loading the contents of Downloads Folder in C drive is it has been optimized to view pictures or other content rather than general Items. Usually this is not the default case where it is optimized to show general contents.

If we change the optimization to view general items, we will definitely increase the loading speed of the folder contents.

Changing the properties of windows folder

To optimize the Downloads folder to general items follow these steps.
  1. You can locate the downloads folder in quick access if you are using a Windows 10 OS. In case you are using others versions such ans Win7/8, go to the below path to locate your downloads folder.
  2. Right click on Downloads folder and go to properties.
  3. Under Customize tab, select optimize this folder for "General items" and click "ok".
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