How to Adjust Quality of Flash Videos to Low/High by Default

Tweaks for Chrome and Firefox to change the quality of flash videos to high/low

Many web pages use flash plugin to embed videos, web page animations and interactive content. due to the fact that it is available for different operating systems and browsers, sites can customize the play controls, its relatively small, and doesn't interfere with system file associations. Flash player handles Flash Videos.

By default the flash plugins renders high quality content. Some of the flash allow to change the quality of content through the context menu of the video.If you watch videos online frequently, r-clicking and changing the quality of the video rendered is a very annoying method. Also if you are on a limited internet plan or using a slow data connection, you need to care about the data usage. Rendering high quality content may consume a lot of data.

In all the above cases, you must be looking for an option to change the quality of flash videos to low by default. Unfortunately there is no direct method to do this. As the flash video is embed in the webpage, the webpage owners have control over the content and use different options. So, Browsers also doesn't have options to customize the quality of content to render.

Advantages of Changing the Quality of Flash Videos

  • You save a lot of bandwidth
  • Speeds up the loading of videos and animations
In this post I'll be sharing tweaks for Chrome and Firefox to change the quality of flash videos to low/high.

Tweak for Chrome to Change the Quality of Flash videos

Flash Render Quality changer is an extension used to change the rendering quality to default high or low. It's a minimalist easily usable extension that can control the video quality.

To install the extension go to this LINK and click on Add to chrome. It might take a minute to download and install the plugin. After the installation is done, you'll get an icon beside the URL bar. Click on the icon and check the quality of the content that you want to render.

Quality can be changed when you move to a webpage or you can set a global default. It also provides "auto high" and "auto low" options that act as global default quality for every flash object that you load.
Here is a video from the developer to check the flash quality content.

Tweak for Firefox to Change the Quality of Flash Videos

Tweak for Firefox involves installing the Grease monkey extension and the placing a custom script to change the quality of the flash videos when the webpage loads. Follow the below procedure to install and tweak in Firefox
  1. Open this Link in Firefox Browser and install Greasemonkey extension.
  2. Now we need to install the custom script in Greasemonkey. To do that,
  3. Copy the below mentioned code in a notepad file and name it as "Flash_Quality_Changer.user.js" any where on your PC.
  4. Now right click on the file and from the context menu, choose "open file with" and select Firefox.
  5. Firefox will recognize it as a user script and ask you whether to install the script. Choose install.
Here is the script.

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Force Low Quality Flash
// @namespace
// @include *
// ==/UserScript==

for (var objs = document.embeds, i = objs.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
 objs[i].setAttribute('quality', 'low');
 with (objs[i].parentNode) appendChild(removeChild(objs[i]));

for (objs = document.getElementsByTagName('object'), i = objs.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
 for (var c = objs[i].childNodes, j = c.length - 1, set = false; j >= 0; j--) {
  if ((c[j].tagName == 'PARAM') && (c[j].getAttribute('name') == 'quality')) { c[j].setAttribute('value', 'low'); set = true; break; }
 if (!set) with (objs[i].appendChild(document.createElement('param'))) setAttribute('name', 'quality'), setAttribute('value', 'low');
 with (objs[i].parentNode) appendChild(removeChild(objs[i]));

Now your flash videos will be rendered in low quality by default. you can change 'low' in setAttribute('value', 'low'); to 'high' to render high quality content by default.

Drop a comment and let me know if you have some other methods.


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