4 Common Workarounds to Hide Last Active on Facebook

4-ways to hide last active on facebook messenger

The Facebook last seen/last active stamp is really annoying as you may not like people to know that you have logged into your account and still not replied to their message. I also see many users coming to my blog to seek help to hide the last active option on Facebook.

Info on workarounds of last active stamp First thing to note before going through this workarounds is Facebook officially doesn't provide any option to remove your last activity next to your profile name in the chat box. The below mentioned methods to hide the last active stamp are collected from various blog users, so they may or may not work for you. Please try all the methods to check if you can hide it.
Also make sure that the extensions provided here doesn't effect your account security.

I've already written a post previously on this topic but it just covered a limited number of ways. So, I thought Why not cover more extensive ways?

If you have tried all these methods, it is more likely that you will be able to hide the last seen option for any one. Some of the methods also hide last seen option for your messages, whenever somebody messages you and you have read it, the person from whom you have received the message will not be notified. It’ll look like a message has not yet been opened.

1. Hide Last Active on Facebook Messenger for iOS

If you are using Facebook messenger app on you iPhone, follow the below steps to disable the last active time stamp.

  1. Open up the Facebook Messenger App, go to the "People" tab.
  2. Tap "Active" menu at the top beside messenger tab. This shown up the list of all of your active Facebook friends.
  3. Disable the toggle button next to your profile name.

Disabling the toggle button turns off your chat and also disable last active time. No one will be able to see your last active time and also you will not be able to see if anyone is online.
See the screenshot to have a clear idea on the steps mentioned to disable the active button.

Source: iphone-tricks

2. Workaround from Desktop to disable "Last active"

Facebook by defaults gives access of your basic info to the apps that your friends use. As the last active stamp is linked with messenger app, we may try to disable people getting info about you when they use the apps. Here is the procedure
  1. Login to your Facebook account through desktop.
  2. From your account drop down menu, go to "Settings". Then click on "Apps"tab.
  3. Under the Apps tab, you'll find "edit" option for "Apps Others Use". Click on Edit option.
  4. Uncheck all the options and click Save.

Note! There is an option called "If I'm online" that let's the apps your friends use to know your online status in the Apps tab. Now that you've disabled it, there is a possibility that your Last active time may disappear.
This can also be done through your phone but it might have a slight different options. "Privacy Settings" – "Apps and Websites" – "Edit settings"- "Apps other use" – "Edit settings". Try this one also.

3. Using Browser Specific Extensions to Hide Last Seen

There are some browser extensions specifically for Chrome and Firefox to hide the "Seen" notification and also hides last seen. Try out this method also to check your luck.

Extension to Hide Seen for Google Chrome

Extension to Hide Last Seen for Mozilla Firefox

4. Using Android Lite/Mini Browsers to Hide last Active on Facebook

In my previous post of disabling the timestamp and mobile icon on facebook some of the readers have commented that using Opera Mini and UC browser lite is serving the purpose of hiding last seen in their Facebook.
Here are the links to download Opera Mini and UC Browser Mini for android.

Conclusion on Hiding Last Active Time Stamp on Facebook

I tried to cover all the tricks used for hiding and disabling the last active time stamp and last seen on Facebook. As earlier I said, there is no official support or comment regarding the last active stamp on the facebook official community threads or any where, these are the most exhaustive tips for Facebook last active stamp.

Did I miss anything or do you have any other trick to hide the timestamp on your account?
Please comment show other users a solution.

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