How to uncover Hidden Messages on Facebook and Messenger App

Facebook Messenger has been one of the most popular messaging platform and also has been constantly upgrading itself, ever since its entrance into the social media world. If you take a look explore each of the features, you'd find a lot of hidden features that only power users on Facebook are aware of.

I've shared some tips and tricks related to Facebook, that are not very popular with new users on Facebook. All of these tricks on Facebook dealt with How to hide last active timestamp on Facebook, How to send Gif Images on Facebook, How to download Facebook messages to offline storage and some tricks related Candy crush app.

So, I then received a lot of requests from Facebook users to share about some more interesting tricks for the Facebook and the Messenger App that people try out easily.

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How to uncover Hidden Messages on Facebook and Messenger App

How to uncover hidden messages on facebook and messenger app

If you are aware of Facebook spam filtering, then probably you might know this trick.

What are the hidden messages on Facebook :

Usually, the users of Facebook will be thinking that they get alerts and notifications on Facebook as well as the messenger App when someone sends them a message. But this is not completely true. Well, It depends on the type of the message that is received and what Facebook thinks about it.

If you get a message from one of your friends, then you will definitely be notified about your message. On the other hand, when users get messages from a person who is not in their friend list, then the Facebooks automated spam protection systems come into play.

These systems are designed to fight against spam on the social networking site. If the systems think that it is an unusual message, then the message is delivered to "Filtered Messages" in your inbox. Else you get notified regarding it.

These Filtered messages are nowadays being called as Hidden Messages on Facebook (might be because no one had time to see all the folders in their Facebook inbox).

How to see Hidden Messages on Facebook

First Method that finds the hidden messages box on Facebook :

Here is a method to find all the Hidden Messages in your Facebook account.

  • You can just open your Facebook Home page and click on the chat icon located on the top right next to the Facebook notification icon in the ribbon, then you'll be able to see the recent messages.
  • Beside the recent messages, there is a small text named "Message Requests".
  • Click on it, there you will be shown the message requests sent from strangers to you.
  • If you scroll down, you'll find an option "See Filtered Requests". There you go, you found a hidden messages box on Facebook.

Second and Simple Method to move to the Hidden Message section :

If you are not comfortable with the above method, then login to your Facebook profile and go to this URL.

Finding the Hidden Messages using Messenger App :

Here is a small workaround to find the Filtered requests on Facebook Messenger.

Do you know other Hidden Tricks and Tips for Facebook? Please drop a comment and let us know about it.


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