Features of WhatsApp Desktop Application & Keyboard Shortcuts

Here comes the best feature that WhatsApp lovers await for more than a year. Recently after the rumors about the WhatsApp Desktop Application, WhatsApp made it true by announcing the release of Application for Windows and Mac. Though this is not a standalone Desktop Client for WhatsApp it has some pretty good features to look at to improve productivity of messaging and WhatsApp made it even simple by providing awesome Shortcut keys and many more features.

Getting started with WhatsApp Desktop Application.

Getting started with WhatsApp Desktop is a straight forward way. It’s really that simple. But note that this isn’t a standalone Application. The WhatsApp Desktop Application similar to the WhatsApp Web require your smartphone to be switched on, have an active Internet connection, and have sufficient battery. In case any of those conditions aren’t met, WhatsApp Desktop will stop working until you get connected again.

How to Install WhatsApp Desktop Application

Firstly, you need to have a PC running Windows 8 and higher or a Mac OS X 10.9 and higher. WhatsApp Desktop comes in 32 bit and 64 bit version Applications that runs seamlessly on x86 as well as x64 bit systems.

Next Step is Downloading the Application executables. WhatsApp Desktop Application must be downloaded from the WhatsApp official Website. Go to WhatsApp.com/download/ through your Desktop Browser and Choose the Desktop platform that you are using and download the Application File. The download Size of the application ranges from 51.7MB to 61.5MB depending on your computer.
Here are the official links to download the WhatsApp Desktop Application to your Windows and Mac Computer as well.

Download WhatsApp Desktop Application:
For Windows 8, 8.1, and 10(x64) (Download Size: 61.5MB) (Free)
For Windows 8, 8.1, and 10(x86) (Download Size: 52.6MB) (Free) and
For Mac OS X 10.9+ (Download Size: 51.7MB)(Free).

Double click on the file and wait for the application to be installed on your system. The installation process just takes a minute or two. After the installation is done, Look for WhatsApp Shortcut on your desktop and launch it.

The Desktop Application also uses the same process as in WhatsApp Web or any other WhatsApp client, to connect your Account.

  1. The WhatsApp Desktop Client Application window will show a QR code that is the unique code to connect your account to Desktop Client.
  2. Now, Open WhatsApp Application on your smart phone. Also make sure that you are connected to Internet on your Smart phone and your Desktop as well.
  3. Tap Menu>WhatsApp Web> + (the plus icon in the top right)
  4. Scan the QR code that appeared on your computer screen by pointing your phone’s camera to it.
  5. Once the verification is done, your account gets connected and WhatsApp will sync your phone and your computer.

Features and Limitations WhatsApp Desktop Application

WhatsApp Desktop also has almost all the functions that smart phone app has. Like,
  • Send Broadcast messages, Group chats.
  • Send and receive voice messages.
  • Delete, archive all the conversations.
  • Change message read and unread status.
  • View contacts info and profile photo.
  • Send photos and videos.

No Support Formatting the text:

WhatsApp Desktop doesn't seem to parse the bold, italic, Strike through effects. The messages are displayed like the normal text. The messages sent in Bold or other effects are show surrounded with special characters (* _ ~).

Calling Feature on WhatsApp Desktop:

If use WhatsApp calling feature a lot, then this is going to disappoint you. WhatsApp Desktop is not added with the calling feature yet. Using WhatsApp desktop, you will not be able to make and receive calls from your contacts. But it would be released soon as sources say. You can subscribe to beta features on WhatsApp to get all the features in advance.

Doesn't support Linux:

WhatsApp Desktop works only on desktop versions of Windows and Mac. It doesn’t support Linux...

Keyboard Shortcuts For WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows And Mac :

Using WhatsApp fo Desktop, you get a full physical keyboard to type on, and the ability to check your messages, notifications without taking your phone out of your pocket and even some great keyboard shortcuts, apart from universal shortcuts for text editing to make your messaging more simple. Here are the WhatsApp Desktop keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows WhatsApp Applications.

WhatsApp Shortcuts:
CTRL + N : Start New Chat
CTRL + SHIFT+ N : Start New Group Chat
CTRL + P : View Change profile Picture and Status

Editing Shortcuts:
CTRL + Z :Undo
CTRL + SHIFT + Z : Redo
CTRL + X : Cut
CTRL + C : Copy
CTRL + V : Paste
CTRL + A : Select All
CTRL + F : Find Messages, search Chat

Viewing Shortcuts:
CTRL + SHIFT + = : Zoom In Window View
CTRL + 0 : Reset to Actual Size
CTRL + - : Zoom Out Window View
CTRL + SHIFT + ] : Move to next Chat
CTRL + SHIFT + [ : Move to Previous Chat

Chat Shortcuts:
CTRL + E: Archive chat
CTRL + SHIFT + M: Mute Chat
CTRL + SHIFT + U: Mark the message as Unread
CTRL + Backspace: Delete chat

The above shortcuts work on Windows Desktop. If you’re on a Mac computer, use Command instead of CTRL.

Do you know some hidden tricks on WhatsApp Desktop Application, then share it in the comments and let us know. 


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