How to Redirect Visitors to a New Blogger Domain from Old Blog

Hi readers, It has been a so long time at Tricks Star posted a new article. As you know, we've recently moved to a new domain ( due to an issue with Adsense account. According to Google adsense policy, the domains must never use "Google" in the domain name as it is a registered Trademark. So, Google Adsense has stopped serving ads on it. As Adsense was the only source of income for us, we have to move on to the new domain.

So, if you want Adsense to serve ads on your site, don't do this mistake that I've done. If you want to have Google in your domain name, then go for Adsense alternatives.
Here is a good article on available good Adsense alternatives for blogger.

Moving on to a new domain is not that simple as it appears though it involves just two simple steps of buying a new domain and changing the custom domain in your Blogger account to the new domain. The main problems that you face when you move on to a new domain are,
  • You start losing your visitors from Search Results Page.
  • As the domain is new, it will not be ranked in Google immediately.
  • Search Engines see your blog be having a lot of copied content, that might penalize your blog.
You have a lot of tutorials on the internet that might serve useful to increase search engine ranking of your new domain and prevent getting penalized. But here in this article, I'm going to give a unique way to drive the visitors to your new site without showing any 404 errors.

How to Redirect Visitors to a New Blogger Domain from your Old Blog :

Now we have our new domain with us, along with the older domain. And I have hosted our site on Blogger. Blogger doesn't allow you individual links to redirect to another site, as in Wordpress.

Our options are
  1. sell the old domain and get started with a completely new site or
  2. use the old blog in some way so that it conveys a message to the user that we have moved on to a new domain.
I choose to withstand for the second option. Now the problem is just conveying the message will not retain the visitor, but we need to provide the visitor a way so that allows them to easily move on to the post on our updated domain.

Consider an old blog URL ranked on google and we need to change it to the new blog. The URL structure of the domains is similar to as shown below. Our task is to change the domain name from to and provide a button to the user to move to the new domain. --->

So, I've exported the old domain and created a new blog and had its setup with the new domain name and also imported the older blog content.

The task can be accomplished by simple JavaScript as shown below.

function redirect() {
/* this gets the path name your are currently in. like example-post.html */
var path = window.location.pathname;
/*constructing the new url from the older path name */
var nwpath =""+path;

We now need to place this Script in our template and assign the function to be called when a button is clicked. Here is the complete template.

function redirect() {
var path= window.location.pathname;
var nwpath=&quot;;+path;


<body expr:class='data:blog.pageType'>

<div id='margin-1200'>
<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'/>
<h2 align='center' font-size='40px'> OOPS!!</h2>
<h2 align='center'>It looks like you are in the History of TECH GOOGLE. </h2>

<font color='blue'> <h2 align='center' color='blue'>Didn&#39;t you Know?</h2> </font>

<h2 align='center'>We have moved to a new destination( TRICKS STAR )</h2>
<h2 align='center'> But don&#39;t worry, all the content you need is safe with us (&#822;&#9673;&#859;&#8255;&#9673;&#822;) </h2>
<form align='center'> <p align='center'><input onclick='redirect()' type='button' value='Click Here and move to Updated Post'/> </p></form>

<p>Hope You will Support us</p>


Click Here to Download the complete Blogger template code.
Here is the demo of the template.

Don't forget to change "" in the script to your new domain name.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you find it useful. Any problem with the template, drop a comment and let me solve it. 


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