How to Download IEEE Journals for FREE from IEEE website

Download IEEE Journals for FREE from IEEE website
The Sci-Hub project was started in 2011 by Alexandra Elbakyan. It's a project to bring down the barriers of knowledge hidden behind the paywalls. Knowledge must be accessible to everyone regardless of their income and other factors.
As every one of us know, to download a journal from IEEE Xplore digital library, either you need to be a member or must be willing to pay $33 for each paper . Sci-Hub helps us to download any paper without paying a single penny. Not only from IEEE site, you literally have access to  nearly 47,000,000 papers and articles that are collected from various proxy sites.
In this article we are going to see how to download research papers from IEEE explorer through sci-hub.

Download IEEE Journals through sci-hub:

All you need to have is a working Internet connection to download any IEEE papers from sci-hub. Here are two methods to download the paper that you wish to read.

First way to download IEEE base papers

  • First head on to the IEEE explorer site or google the journal that you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of the page.

This is the Base paper that I want to download.
  • Head on to
  • Paste the URL that you have copied before and click on open to access the digital document.

Second way to download IEEE journals

  • Head on to the IEEE explore site and search for the journal and click on the journal name to go to its page.
  • Then copy the URL of the page.
Eg: Original URL

Now modify the URL by adding immediately after Consider the example as shown below.

Watch the video on Youtube given below on How to download IEEE journals for free.

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