How to Run Linux Bash Commands and Scripts on Android phone


Android Phones are built on Linux kernel. So, running the Linux commands is not a big task. But the problem with it is we need a terminal to run the commands which is not provided in the pre-installed applications.

One way to use the bash shell is to root your android phone and to install a normal terminal with root permissions and run the required commands. But rooting is not recommended as your phone warranty becomes void and also some buggy stock ROMs may leave your phone in a vulnerable state.

Another way is to emulate the Linux commands without rooting the Android phone. This is the best possible way which I suggest and you can uninstall the terminal when ever you wish and easily install it back. You just need to have enough internal memory to install the app. This terminal cannot be moved into the memory card as you do with other apps.

Terminal IDE for Android

As you already know the emulator is an application or a software that behaves to be as another application but its actually not. It makes the environment to be in such a way to feel like as if we are using the terminal with root permissions.

This application is not built for android mobiles with smaller internal memory. It requires nearly 13Mb of space on your phone and cannot be moved on to a external storage as you cannot get a execute permissions on the ext-sdcard.

Terminal IDE comes with full support to run Java, C, Python and most of the bash commands along with VIM editor, Stream editor.


GCC 4.4.0, vim 7.3, nano 2.2.6,make 3.82, ctags, javac, java, dx, proguard, aapt,  TMUX 1.5, apkbuilder, signer, ssh, sshd, telnetd, bash 4.2, busybox 1.19.2, midnight commander 4.8, htop 1.0,, links 2.7,BitchX 1.1, rsync 3.0.8, git 1.7.8,  and a nice terminal emulator.

And the best thing is all app runs WITHOUT needing any ROOT permissions.
It's all available with normal user permissions.


  • Requires 2.3.3 and up version of android phone.
  • Currently Android Lollipop is not supported.

You can download it from the play store. Click the below url to go to the playstore app of Terminal IDE.


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