How to Hack Dots Game and Get Unlimited version for Free

Dots- Game About Connecting, is the featured as top free game on Android play store recently. This is really addictive game and the best time killer. Dots game is available to Android and iOS users for free in their respective stores.
How to Hack Dots Game and Get Unlimited version for Free

The game essence is that you will be given a matrix of dots all you have to do is connect at least two same colored dots horizontally or vertically to remove them from the board. You can't join the dots along the diagonals. Here every column is a stack of dots where if a dot is removed, new dot falls into the stack keeping the column always full. Apart from this, you can join the dots in the form of a rectangle or a square to remove all the same colored dots from the board. And there are many challenges that you can unlock during the game play.

Modes of the game

The game has basically three modes.

First is the timed mode in which you will be given 60 seconds to remove any number of dots that you can, with in the time limit. You are given 5 special tokens that can stop the clock for 5 seconds each where you can only use one per game. And there are also other dots that allow you to remove a single dot from the board. You can directly double tap on the dot to utilize this token and remove it.

Second mode is that you will be restricted by the number of moves that you can use to score a maximum. Here there is no time limit, so this allows you to think and score well in the game. You can also make some special shapes and unlock achievements.

The third mode is only for the users who have purchased it through the store. This is an unlimited mode and you can play until your energy is exhausted.

How to unlock the Unlimited mode without purchasing the game

This is after all a interesting a piece of software. The developers have not debugged it well. When playing the game I have observed a bug that enables us to play the unlimited mode. Let us see how it happens.
Hack Dots Game and Get Unlimited version for Free

All you have to do is turn on the game in timer mode and click on any of the colored dots that allow you to shrink the dots on the board. Then don't click on any of the dots on the board, touch your mobile phones back button. That's all !!! the timer stops counting and you can play the game until you wish to stop.

How to stop the game:

When you are finished, just touch the back button of your phone again that displays options to unpause, exit to main menu, restart options. You can see the timer starts running on the screen. Wait till the timer counts to zero and your score is saved.

Here are the screen shots of the score on my phone. I've scored nearly 3000 in timed mode that is literally impossible in 60 seconds.
screen shot -1
screen shot -2

I have requested the developers to fix this bug as soon as possible, so that their revenue is not effected. Mean while enjoy the unlimited version of the game till a update with bugs fixed is available.

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