Glance at the History of Windows OS

Windows has been the most popular operating system in the world for desktop users as well as developers and various enterprises. So, How much do you know about the history of Windows. Don't worry after reading this post, you will know all the popular features and its various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

History of Windows

Version: Windows 1 Released: 1985

Released to muted acclaim, this was essentially MS DOS with some applications sporting an interface. The original name was "Interface Manager" before someone in marketing came up with "Windows". And the rest was, well, history!

Version: Windows 2 Released: 1987

With Excel & word applications, windows received a further boost to user base when the then very popular Aldus PageMaker was released as a Windows version.

Version: Windows 3 Released: 1990

Now featuring a graphical interface comparable to the Apple Macintosh, this was the most successful version of windows to date. It offered better stability, wider support or MS DOS applications. Later updates ushered in multimedia capabilities and also peer-to-peer networking.

Version: Windows NT Released: 1993

A new operating system derived from various ventures including lBM, and expertise from other companies. Windows NT introduced a 32 bit API and now had an as to handle the needs of the growing LAN networks. NT started a new branch of server 05.

Version: Windows 95 Released: 1995

The start Menu and taskbar originated in Windows 95. Introduced plug and Play.

Version: Windows 98 Released: 1998

Along with stability and performance enhancements, it included internet Explorer 5 and Wake-on-Lan.

Version: Windows 2000 Released: 2000

Expanded hardware support for Firewire, USB devices and wireless products. Resource hungry, this wasn't aimed at the consumer market.


Many would argue it was best forgotten, this was the last DOS-based operating system from Microsoft. It did introduce a feature, system Restore, which continued into later versions.

Version: Windows XP Released: 2001

XP was a solid operating system that provided reliable service. It finally brought together the Windows NT & 95/93 lines into a new build.

Version: Windows Vista Released: 2007

New visual design with AERO. The increased graphics demand proved too much for many Laptops and pcs.

Version: Windows 7 Released: 2009

Stable operating system that fixed most of the problems from vista. Viable replacement for XP.

Version: Windows 8 Released: 2012

Complete break with the Traditional Microsoft OS. Visually appealing with the modern Metro Ul, New features designed for Touch tablets only, but not Keyboard and Mouse. Start button removed, Apps introduced. This version is Not received well by end users.

Version: Windows 8.1 Released: 2013

Start Button returns. OS of two halves. Best of windows 7 with Apps and improved touch capability.

Version: Windows 10 Released: 2015

Start Menu is back and doesn’t take over the screen. With full Touch functionality, it works equally well with Keyboard & Mouse. Great for Desktop resizes to at any device. Direct x 12 promises to deliver better graphics.

Microsoft announced this will be the last ever version of Windows! Future revisions will be made via regular online updates.


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