How to post Animated Gif Image/Picture on Facebook 2015 Working Trick

guide to post Animated Gif Image Picture on Facebook
Guide to post Animated Gif Image/Picture on Facebook timeline
This is an outdated post, Facebook now lets you directly share Gif Images on Facebook. But you can continue to read the post to find the sources to share the Gif Images and Apps that lets you to create your own GIF images to post it on Facebook. 

Here is a noteworthy news for animated GIF lovers. Now Facebook lets you to post Gif image/pictures on the Facebook wall or in the comments directly. Technically speaking, you just need to post a link to GIF and Facebook automatically produces the animation. But it doesn't let you to directly upload animated images to Facebook. This new feature is pretty much similar to the all other social networks like Google+ etc that allow animation images on their timeline.

But will this new feature turn out to be additional irritating feature on the world's best social network? From one viewpoint, GIF's are enjoyable! . Even Facebook is now on the GIF train for good.

What is an Animated GIF File, Image/Picture?

The  Graphics Interchange Format better known to us a GIF is a lossless format for image files. The advantage of this GIF format is that it supports both animated and static images. You can Group multiple images and make it into an animated GIF to post on Facebook wall or use it some where else. There are many tools available as stand-alone applications to make an animated gif. Even you can make animated gif online easily.

How to Create Animated GIF Images/Picture for Facebook

Here is a list of tools that you can use to create animation GIF images for free.

Under Web based online applications 

Desktop applications to make Animated Gif

Mobile apps for iOS and Android to create Animated GIFs

Search Engine for GIF images/pictures

  • GIPHY - Free thousands of GIF images/pictures

How to Share Animated GIF Images/Picture on Facebook

  • Only existing gif images can be shared on Facebook wall/comments. So, First you need to upload them to a place like GIPHY by creating a online account for Free and upload your gifs that you have created using any of the above tools. 
  • Then obtain the link to these GIF images and post it on your timeline. Facebook automatically changes it to animated gif.

More tools to Get Animated GIF images from Internet

GIFME (Google Chrome Extension)is a dead simple and the best way to save and access your favorite animated GIFs online and offline. Once you install the extension, you'll see a context menu option whenever you right-click on image. GifMe makes saving, sharing & organizing gifs easier. It gives Cloud storage for your gifs.

Once installed the extension,you just have to click the GIFME extension in the upper right hand corner of your browser to see your full gif library. Hovering over any of the image gives you the option to copy the link or view the GIF's metadata. There, you can include labels, see the picture URL or erase the gif from your library. It took me less than five minutes to start building a searchable library of funny GIFs, and now, I can't stop saving new ones.

Watch out this video to know how to use this extension

Final Words on posting GIF images to Facebook Timeline

This was a very simple trick I used to share animated images on Facebook wall. Do you have a better tip for posting GIFs on Facebook?
Let us know what do you think regarding these tools in your comments. I will be updating latest methods with some cool features to share GIFs easily.So don’t forget to bookmark this page.


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