How to Share any File Type (PDF, Doc, Zip) through WhatsApp on Android or iOS

Whats app lets you wish, share everything, greet our loved ones, invite our friends for a party, share our mood or feelings online. We use this social app for sending photos, videos, greeting, jokes, songs, stories,share status, wishes, contacts etc. It has become a part of our life. But sometimes we encounter facing problems using whatsapp, precisely in situations like the following,

  • Videos,images and audio files of size more than 16 Mb cannot be sent through whatsapp messenger
  • Sending ZIP files is not possible over whatsapp
  • Whats app doesn't allow us to upload and send pdf files through messenger directly
  • Often quality of video files and image files is reduced to save the bandwidth.

If we send an image on Whatsapp messenger then the resolution of that image will be reduced and when your friend views that image or video file on his computer then it will appear with low resolution. Though this appears to be a feature, it turns out to be a problem with whatsapp in some events like if the file needs the original quality. This is the same problem with Video files also. The second problem is Whatsapp allows sharing of a video only not more than 16 MB. Any video of size larger than 16 MB cannot be sent on Whatsapp. Today we are going to learn a solution to all these problems. I will tell you the way how you can send and share pdf files, zip files and large audio and video files without compromising or compressing or reducing the quality of your original files.
How to Share any File Type (PDF, Doc, Zip) through WhatsApp on Android or iOS

How to Share any File Type (PDF, Doc, Zip) through WhatsApp on Android or iOS


First thing which we will need is a working internet with a better speed, this is not necessary if you have patience to work on slow speed internet connection. The next mandatory thing you will need is a account on Google play store so that you can download the apps and install them in your smart phone. This is absolutely free, If you don’t have one then don’t worry you can login in using your Gmail id easily.

CLOUDSEND APP (click here to download)

After downloading it from Google PlayStore, install it on your android phone. The solution to the problems that I've discussed earlier is Cloudsend app. Using this app to send any type of files through whatsapp. This app is the best solution available till now to send all kind files on Whatsapp. This app allows you to send pdf, audio, zip files and any other files on whatapp easily. Before using CloudSend app you will need an active Dropbox account. How Cloudsend app works is, it makes use of your Dropbox as an intermediate to send your files to your friends. If you have a Dropbox account then you can use it but if you don’t have one then first of all you have to create one.

To create a Dropbox account, download Dropbox app for your android phone and create an account for it if you don’t have one. Here is the procedure to create a Dropbox account. you can skip if you already have one.

  • In order to create a DropBox account click on set up now.
  • Fill all the necessary details and create your account on DropBox and then verify your email link
  • After creating your account on DropBox app now download CloudSend app from Google play store.( link is given above)
  • Once you have downloaded the CloudSend app on your android phone install it and launch it. In order to use it, you will have to create an account on Cloudsend.

CloudSend app will be redirected to Dropbox authorization page. Here you will have to have to grant the access to CloudSend app to use your Dropbox account details.
Once you Authorize Dropbox, CloudSend app will connect your cloudsend account with your Dropbox account. Now just navigate to the files or folders which you want to share.

Select the file and tap on the file that you wish to send, and select Coludsend app to share the files or folders.
Your files will be uploaded in your Dropbox account and you will get a notification, Tap on the notification and you will get a link that you can share with your friends and family via SMS or Whatsapp.


You can also use this method to send file using Facebook or any other messenger. I have hope that now your problem of how to send pdf file, big audio, big video files, Zip files might have been solved using whatsapp and cloudsend app. So, this is the simplest way you can use to send any file on whatsapp of any size.


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