Google Search Redefined To Include Site Names, Breadcrumbs In Mobile Search Results


When Googling on a small screen, the results that shows you a Long page URL is terrible. Everything will be truncated to show only the top level domain. Importantly for websites that contain more than one page of related topics will leave you in dilemma not knowing where you are going to navigate in a particular site unless clicked. Google is creating a refined search especially for mobile browser to clear things up.
See the images below

Left: new way, right: old way

Did you notice the green color text below the large blue title. You can see two changes, first is the bread crumbs and the top level domain name is also not displayed but only its name is shown. The term shows you that the top result is the history page within the company section of the about History area of Google. If you were looking for your previous search history from Google, you would immediately realize that First result is not the best place for it.

Here's how the same search results look on desktop:

Google Desktop Search Results

Besides there is a lot more room for that URL, in addition they fit (in the gray text) the name of the site, which is Google in this case. The change makes the revised mobile interface arguably more useful because Breadcrumbs and other structured data don't show up in this instance. Desktop search does support breadcrumbs in other circumstances, for some reason it just didn't work for this example.

As usual with Google, this will be a staged rollout. Unfortunately the site name refined search will only be coming to US users (and not all at once) while the breadcrumbs will gradually appear every where. This is a server side change and is aimed towards browsers so there's no APK for this.

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