How to backup lost contacts on your Android Phone from Facebook

How to backup lost contacts on your Android Phone from Facebook

Formatting your android phone when you have a problem with it or when it slow downs is very natural. In some cases, you might forget to backup the contact list or some one might have intentionally or accidentally deleted your entire contacts list. So, what should you do them to get back all your contacts? I've given a trick to restore all the lost contacts to your android phone without any backup file.

What made me to write this post and why should you read this?

Recently, I've faced a similar situation. I've deleted the entire list of call logs and contacts from my phone intentionally and later found that I haven't backed up. Then I started thinking about how to get back my contacts list? I don't generally sync my contacts to Google or something else so, it can't get it from there. Finally I found a way to do so which I'm going to give below.

Find your mobile phone contacts on Facebook

I always use Facebook application on my phone. When I was thinking about getting back my lost contacts, I got into my mind that when I started using the Facebook application for the first time, I remember syncing contacts with Facebook. So, its clear that can I find all my contacts on Facebook. But where?
To find your contacts on Facebook, First log in to your Facebook account and go to the below URL
You can view all the contacts that you have used on your mobile phone (assuming you have synced them with Facebook). Now the question is how do i get my Facebook contacts on my phone? There is no other way but manually adding the contacts to my phone.

You can download all the contacts list for offline access by downloading Facebook data which I've mentioned in my previous post. If you missed it, here is it.
How to Download Facebook Messages, Pictures, Videos and other data for offline.
After downloading your data, you can go to index.htm file and click on contacts section to find all your contacts list from Facebook.

How to Remove Contacts from Facebook messenger

Uploading of the contacts to Facebook is not generally safe because If you have any personal information like passwords in your phone book then, they also will be uploaded to Facebook database. So, Facebook provides an option to delete all the contacts in the invite history. Just click the link that I've mentioned above and select all contacts and delete them.


So, finally I was able to get back all my contacts list back on my mobile using Facebook. And also deleted some of my contacts that I wanted to keep private from Facebook. And also obtained a copy of Facebook data for future use. Hope you enjoyed this little trick.

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