Fonts used in logo of Digital Inspiration

Amit Agarwal is my only favourite blogger. He is the admin of named as Digitial Inspiration. Amit started his blogging career in 2004 when no one knows what actually blogging means. Today Digital inspiration is one of the most popular blogs in India. He was the first professional blogger from India that makes him unique and interesting. He quit his job to become a professional Blogger.

Today there are many budding bloggers in India who want to learn blogging. Despite of many resources available online about Blogging, there is no clear picture of how to start blogging career and build a successful blog. So, it is very hard time for Blogger. Rather than referring to many useless guides, following one successful blog is easy. This doesn't mean to copy everything, Learn from a good blog how to present things and make the readers interested in your content. Digital Inspiration provides a numerous tutorials to succeed in Blogging that are very useful to the naive users.

Every blog needs to have a unique presentation style of the post. This is possible only by a long term experience of blogging. The new bloggers can develop their skills from reading and analyzing various blogs. As the readers might have been familiar with those blogs, following some styles on your blog taken from them would result in a optimal experience to the reader. One such thing is the images and the font used in the blog.

Optimize Fonts and Images

The most important aspect of a good blog design is a legible and readable font and optimized images. The content font must not be too small to read or very large that makes the blog to look ugly. A medium size font should be selected for your blog post. From a wide range of fonts available bloggers often confuse to make a choice. I suggest not to use the default fonts and select a unique font that suits to you blog design and is attractive to the user.

The images must be optimized in size and also the colors that are selected to make the image. Fast rendering of images would help to increase the page loading speed. Make sure that the images used on blog are not too bright or not too dull that might effect the mood of the user.
I'm giving the fonts that are used in that you might prefer to use.

Fonts used in Digital Inspiration

Finding out the fonts that are used in images is very simple using online tools. I've done the task for you and given the list for you.

Fonts used in post Content on

Digital inspiration uses serif fonts to render the content. I've also read posts on suggesting to Prefer using Sans Serif fonts, like Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Tahoma or Verdana for your video and image captions as they are more readable than Serif typefaces.

Fonts used in images of (Logo of Digital Inspiration)

Using some online tools I've found that Digital inspiration uses the following fonts
  • Wendy LP bold (for logo of Digital Inspiration).
  • FF Clan OT font.
The above are the mostly used fonts for designing images in Other useful fonts
  • You make me smile font.
  • Xiomara.

How to get these fonts

You can get the serif and calibri fonts easily online by searching Google. Wendy font is also available for free online. But Clan is a premium font and you can get one on the torrent. Search for 'FF clan OT premium font torrent' on Google and you can get the link easily.

Do you want any other details regarding fonts used on Digital Inspiration ?
Drop a comment below and let me help you.

Thank you for reading this post.


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