There’s a Hidden Game T-Rex inside your Google Chrome, It works on Android as well !


It's always fun when a new Easter Egg is discovered, and Google's hottest hidden function can be one worth considering. The Easter Egg is actually a mini game featuring a hidden T-Rex runner dinosaur, that is only accessible when you're offline.

Perhaps surprisingly enough, you possibly can only access it if you're using Google's most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, resembling Canary called Chrome Canary, which is an experimental and "bleeding edge" version of Chrome intended for early adopters  and developers. And this feature is only available on the latest Canary builds for Windows and Mac.

The game is actually written in JavaScript and you can find the complete source code in the Chromium repository.

What would you do when your Internet goes off ? Some users will close the browser and detach themselves from PC. Surprisingly Google wants you to be Glued on to your screen by introducing this hidden game inside Chrome browser that could keep you entertained and busy while you hold out to get reconnected to the internet.
Most likely Chrome developers were just bored out of their wits when testing the browser's offline features that they ended up with a mini game would certainly help whittle down the waiting time. But this idea became so popular that they decided to turn into an easter egg for other impatient web users in the world to enjoy.

How to start The T-Rex Game in chrome

If you want to try out the mini hidden T-Rex game for yourself, you can download the Chrome Canary web browser at no cost from here. Before that, remember that Google alerts Canary will be fresh and also vulnerable to failures, therefore it is possibly leads to crashes and has lots of bugs. But for playing T-Rex game, it will work just fine.

When you finally download Chrome Canary, just turn off your WiFi as well as unplug your Ethernet, refresh your browser. You will see the Google's T-Rex error page
Chrome Canary Error page

The error page has featured a tiny, 8-bit T-Rex. This is the Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T-Rex) dinosaur that had tiny little arms and the image probably shows that Chrome, like the dinosaur, couldn’t reach the Internet because of its short arms.

You can now hit the space bar to start a runner-style mini game. The goal is simple: tap space bar to make the T-Rex jump over the approaching cacti, and see how long you can last. The game always keeps track of your highest score, and if you accidentally hit/land on a cactus you can always retry. You can stop playing when you figure out your internet is working.

Hidden T-Rex Game For Android

And it’s not just for Chrome on desktop, the dinosaur game also is available in Chrome for Android. First Switch to airplane mode on your android mobile and open the Chrome Browser to get the error page. The only difference is that instead of the space bar, you need to tap on the screen to jump / fly the dinosaur.
T-Rex game for android. Tap on the screen to start the game.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you will enjoy the Hidden Game T-Rex inside your Google Chrome on desktop and Android mobile as well!!


  1. How do you fly in andriod

    1. Disconnect from internet, Open google chrome on your android mobile then Just tap on the screen to make T-Rex jump.

  2. A rip of the game that can be played even in online mode is here-


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