Guaranteed Trick to cross 100 levels on Candy Crush Saga in 1 day

Guaranteed Trick to cross 100 levels on Candy Crush Saga in 1 day

This is a guaranteed trick to cross at least 100 levels on Candy Crush Saga in one day with out any cheat codes. The trick I'm giving below works with almost all the Facebook games. Though I'm going to focus on Candy crush only as it is one of the mostly played games online on Facebook.

List of Games for which this trick works

  • Angry Birds
  • Bejeweled Blitz
  • Bubble Island
  • Bubble Witch 2 Saga
  • Bubble Witch Saga
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • CityVille
  • Diamond Dash
  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance
  • Monster World
  • Slotomania
  • Solitaire Blitz
  • Zuma Blitz

How to Cheat Candy Crush saga?

About Candy Crush Saga

Candy Candy Saga is a match-3 puzzle game played online, and uses the same base moves as the famous Bejeweled series. It was first released in April 2012 on Facebook, then later released of offline access as a smartphone app in November 2012.

How do you play candy crush saga :

Candy Crush Saga game is a single player puzzle based game developed by King game developers.
Candy Crush free app available on Facebook. In Candy Crush Saga player must scores by matching pieces (styled as candy) of the same kind either horizontally or vertically, by swapping adjoining pieces. Candies can exist in seven treat varieties, recognized by color and shape, along with several special kind for Candies obtained with some combination of normal Candies. Special pieces can be made by matching more than three adjoining pieces in a solitary move, and  can clear a bigger number of pieces when matched such as crush candy. The powers of special pieces can be joined together by swapping two unique special candies. 

The level choice screen is shown as a guide, and is divided into a several zones. To move ahead to a particular region, the player must clear all levels in the past territory, and satisfy an extra prerequisite, for example, getting their friends to give tickets to move on to next zone. Levels change in objectives and limitations – for instance, a few levels set measure of time, and a few levels differ by finishing in a settled number of moves. The player can earn game currency, and use it to buy power-ups, which can be used to score high.

What do you need to score highest in Candy Crush Game

  1. Firefox Browser to play the game.
  2. An extension to change the game code (the candy crush cheat is included in the extension).
Before Downloading Extension, make sure that you have installed Mozilla Firefox. Use only Firefox browser to install the extension.

What should I do after installation?

After installing the extension, restart Firefox browser. Depending on the cheat, they will either be activated automatically, or you may need to activate them using the leethax. For Candy Crush cheat, you need not do anything it gets activated automatically.

Candy crush cheat for unlimited moves
Snapshot of Candy crush cheat for unlimited lives, powerups


  • Unlimited lives for Candy Crush.
  • Infinite lives and boosts
  • You can get unlimited candy crush moves by using the power ups to become candy crusher king.
  • Fully charged powerups.
  • Need not buy anything.
  • Lives will be automatically refilled need not wait for them to refill.
  • Need not wait for tickets from your friends, you can buy them with the gold as you also have unlimited gold
  • Guaranteed to score highest of all.


  • Takes little more time than usual to load the game.
  • Trusting third party extension is at your own risk.

How does Leethax extension works to cheat CandyCrush Saga?

If you are familiar with internet, you might be aware that these games use flash player to provide the users best experience. Flash player has a temporary storage which stores the details about these games. This storage is asynchronously and eventually uploaded to game database where we will be having the actual game data.
How Leethax extension works
How Leethax extension actually work?

Leethax uses API need and modifies this storage such that we will be shown infinite lives and powerups in the game. Leethax modifies this data before it is uploaded to the database which tricks the application that we have completely filled lives and powerups.

So you have all the resources completely filled. If you have a little patience, you can cross 100 levels on Candy Crush Saga for sure within 3 hours.

Do you have any problem in using the extension or Guaranteed Trick to cross 100 levels on Candy Crush Saga ? 
Drop a comment below and let me solve it.


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