Aviator-The most Secure Web Browser for Windows and Mac OS X


Technology has been a boon to the world. It has brought the world closer to us. Technology has made ever thing possible at a click. Every day we use Internet to find a lots of stuff, to communicate, to work, in banks and almost every where. World without Internet is impossible to imagine.
In this fast evolution of technology these questions perhaps are to be answered properly

  • Am I protected using the resources wisely across the web?
  • Does anyone access our browsing data?
  • Am I able to control the data that is at stake?
  • Can I share my data online?
  • What if I'm being spied by Hackers?
  • How to protect myself in the world of Internet?
  • How to stay private and prevent from stealing of surfing history?
  • What are Internet browser security options should I choose?
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and the list goes on...

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Why should you read this post?

This post is for professional people spending a lot of time on Internet as well as for naive surfers who are searching for the most Secure Web Browser to optimize their Internet experience.

Everything you share online is at stake, with every website you visit, you are vulnerable to malicious Hackers out on the web waiting to steal your surfing history, passwords, bank credentials, emails, accounts and a lot more private data that you never wish to share.
You may feel that "I use the most popular web browser in the world" but the "big browsers" doesn't take enough measures to stop you from becoming a prey to loopholes of Internet.
The Browsers that you feel the best and big are mostly compromised to serve at the fastest rate as possible. So, they obviously note your browsing activity and history including your private information. You never know this thing and wouldn't be able to control it.

What should you do to be secure?

As the quote goes "Hit the ball before it leaves your court". You can't do anything after it has left your side. Even if you do its useless.
So, Protect yourself before the data leaves from your control. Protect yourself before you head on the Web. This can be done by only choosing a most secure web browser. Usually the Internet users don't think much before they download Internet browser. There are numerous number of free web browsers for windows available on Internet.
Which web browser should you download?
The immediate answer is to download the most popular web browser. I don't accept this, the more a software is downloaded on Internet, the more it is commercialized and the more it becomes vulnerable.

How to select a web browser?

When downloading a new web browser the following points are to be fore seen.
  1. Anti phishing: The browser must notify you if a website has characteristics of a phishing attack.
  2. Pop-up Blocker: The browser must block pop-ups. Most browsers allow you to disable this security feature.
  3. Parental Controls: Internet Browser must allow to set rules for filtering age restricted content.
  4. Seamless Download Manager : This is must for any browser. The web browser must allow to pause and resume features while downloading a file.
  5. Password Manager : I think the browser must not have a password manager as this might become a problem in future. If a browser manages passwords it means that it is recording your passwords and this is not suggested.
  6. Ad-blocker : The last and the most important. The browser must come with an built in ad-blocker.

What is the browser that supports all the essential features?

There is an epic battle in chrome vs FireFox browser in security as well as the speed. In security both chrome and FireFox are going to lag behind Internet Explorer the Microsoft browser. But the latter is the most slowest of all the web browsers. Microsoft has succeeded to provide the best security but not the speed.
Another Browser is going to join this battle of Security, Privacy and Speed.

Aviator-The most Secure Web Browser

Now you can protect yourself before you head on the web, the Internet’s most secure, dependable and private browser- Aviator. It provides the finest security and privacy safeguards – all built-in, all activated, all ready-to-go. Aviator is the project of White Hat security labs.
You can view it in the following site


Features of Aviator- Internet browser review

Along with all the traditional features such as in-private browsing, Internet browser security options of a web browser, Aviator has the following extra features.


The Omnibox is the main input box on Aviator, a combination of the address bar and a search engine bar. It is commonly referred to as the address bar. Entering a website URL and hitting Enter will take you to the website, while entering a query (e.g. "what is the safest Internet browser") will enter that into your default search engine and take you to the resulting search page.


Aviator has a built in blocker that removes ads using a plug in called Disconnect. If you wish, you can re-enable ads through the Disconnect plug in if you need or want to see the ads on a particular site by going through the plug in located at the top tight corner.

Prevent Intranet port scanning

The browser by default blocks access to sites behind the firewall to prevent something called "Intranet port scanning" or commonly "Intranet hacking." This protects you by preventing you from reaching these dangerous and often unprotected regions of your network.

No Cookies, Tracking, Surfing History

Third-party cookies are blocked by default to prevent advertisers and third-party systems from tracking you and from selling your information. Once you shut down the browser, all cookies and caches are automatically deleted. This also defends against attacks that require you to be logged into your bank or social networking site, by making sure that you regularly log out.


So, this must be the best browser ever.

What are you waiting for?

Download the most secured today.

Comment your opinion on Aviator-The most Secure Web Browser for Windows and Mac OS X. If you have any problems, just drop a comment and let me help you.


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