Encryption and Decryption of Footer credits in Blogger template

Designing of a blog template is not a kids stuff. It involves lot of hard work, creativity and time to develop a SEO Optimized template, some times it takes days to develop a responsive design for blogger. So the template designer naturally expects the credits for his hard work as he gives it mostly for free. But the new bloggers seem that they do not respect the hard work of designers and just copy paste the codes of widgets from other blogs or remove the footer credits of the designer.

Encryption and Decryption of Footer credits in Blogger template

If you are a designer then here is a method for you to encrypt your footer credits to prevent newbies from removing the links of the template designer. After encryption one cannot change the credits just by changing footer credit link and name.

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Where there's will, there is always a way.
 For newbie bloggers I have given a case study on How to remove encrypted footer credits in blogger template at the end of this post.

How to add non removable and encrypt credits for widgets and templates in  Blogger

Step 1: Preparing the template

Go the template where you desire to place your credits and add the following div .

<div id='#designercredit'>
     Designed By <a href='http://www.techgoogle.org/' id='#desigenrcredit'>TechGoogle</a>

Replace the highlighted 'designercredit' with your own id. And don't forget to change the URL to  the link that you want to redirect on click.

Step 2 : Preparing Java script

copy paste the java script given below into a notepad by filename.js extension in UTF-8 encoding. And upload it to your Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

  var aa=$("#designercredits").val();
  if (aa == null) {
    window.location.href = "http://www.techgoogle.org/";

Replace the highlighted text as in Step 1.
Save the java script file

Step 3:  Placing the script URL

Obtain the link from your Dropbox and place it in your template just below the <head> tag.

 <script src='script url' type='text/javascript'/>

Paste your file url in the place of script url  .

Done !! Now removing your credits from template is not so easy as before. Designers stuff ends here.

Case Study: How to Decrypt the encrypted footer credits in blogger template

By understanding the above procedure, one can always change the footer credits. But here is a case study that is different from the above one.Recently when searching for a template for my new blog, I encountered a very good site for Free Blogger Templates.


They have a very large collection of templates for every niche. All the templates have features like Responsive, Seo Friendly, Ads Ready, Breadcrumbs Navigation etc. I selected a best template that suits my need and I had it installed.

Decrytping footer credits in gooyaabitemplates

I'm also like all other bloggers :p.
I started editing the theme and removed the footer credits. Problem started here. I wasn't able to remove the footer credits.

 Even if they were removed due to some script they returned. I went back to the website and searched find some content about encrypted credits. They didn't mention even a single line about encryption in the template page. I got frustrated, not because of encryption but because they didn't mention it. So I started to sort out every script of the template.
After 20 min I found a wonderful encryption in the template. You can see its image below. I did not expect such an encryption in a blogger template. This was similar to base64 encryption in Wordpress.

remove encrypted footer links in blogger template

Actually the characters you are seeing in the image have some kind of encryption of the footer credit and the functions below it are designed to change the footer credits back to original. I removed all the data assigned to variable 'var _0x4bef'  and my problem was solved. Even if you add any single character to 'var _0x4bef' the script fails.

Thanks for reading this post.

Good News: Get your templates decrypted for FREE

Do you need any template with decrypted footer credits?
Then comment below the name of the template and email me(reddy@tricksstar.com) the URL of the template and I'll get back with an awesome post of decrypted footer credits along with the template.

Did I miss any concept regarding Encryption and Decryption of Footer credits in Blogger template. Please let the other readers know by dropping a comment below.


  1. cools man it works thanks man !!!

    1. Thanks for reading this post :) share it if you like...

  2. Excellent work! How i can encrypt the code?

    1. you may try online encoders like - decodebase64 dot com . Thank you for dropping a comment. Please do share the post if you like it.

  3. Hi Bro,

    Your Trick works well for gooyaabitemplates templates .but when i try to edit a single word that footer credit like goes despair but some of the query responsive function also not working.. can you guide me for this is . how can i remove encrypted footer link without affecting other UI responsive functions


  4. Robin Mera, This was a basic guide for new bees. With in two days I'll post an advanced guide on How to remove Encrypted footer link. Stay tuned here, I'll comment the post link shortly.

    Thanks for your comment.

    1. Thanks for your response bro,

    2. Here is the post that might help you Robin Mera...

  5. yes you have missed about encryption, how i can create like this screenshot codes for protect my credit from newbie people ? you shared about decryption but i want to encryption

    1. You can use http://dean.edwards.name/packer/ to pack the javascript.

      And the use a hexencoder http://ostermiller.org/calc/encode.html, to make the script like shown in the above screenshot.

      Take a look at my post on advanced guide http://www.techgoogle.org/2015/04/remove-encrypted-footer-credits-advanced-guide.html.

  6. Best Post i have ever read..!!
    Working man..!

    Thank you.

  7. it not working. when remove the encrypt script ok. but when remove this id='templateclue' attribute from link code it again redirect.

    1. Bro, that's what encryption means. When you remove the link element, the script detects it and redirects to another site. So, you need to remove the script to remove redirection.

      Better read the post again completely.

  8. Hello dear
    this is for only one footer link and what about if we want put 2 footer credit links?

    1. Once the javascript is placed successfully, you can place the HTML code any where in the template to get mutliple encrypted credit links.

    2. bro can you also tell me how to find and remove the older java code as in Gooyabittamplets have template having java codes?

  9. I have try a gooyaabi theme like you do, but I meed a problem. The page still redirecting. I need your help.


  10. http://punjabpresstemp.blogspot.in/ Plz decrypt this template footer credits or remove.

  11. HEY there i have try all the the method here but my problem remain the same, can you please help me remove footer credit for this template ? ( http://demo.themexpose.com/?theme=Seoboost


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