The best secure messaging apps that protects you from surveillance : Infographic

With the advancement of networking and communications along with many advantages, their adverse effects are also growing day by day. Every message that we send through Internet has become much vulnerable than it was ever before. Know about the best secure messaging apps that protect you from surveillance in this Infographic

If you are a user of Facebook chat, Skype, WhatsApp, SnapChat, or Google off-the-record chat, then it’s time for you to rethink your digital communications strategy move on to more secure and best messaging programs to protect your privacy.
Internet is no more safe for the naive users. Eagle's eyes of Hackers are watching every minimal detail on Web.

A recent survey claims that about 25 percent of the world's total population uses social media, while three-quarters of the online population uses one or more social networking sites. The following are the most common questions to analyze the security provided by an application.
  • How many of the users using these apps are safe?
  • Are their messages free from surveillance?
  • Does your app provider protect your privacy from eagles eye of hackers?
  • Does the app use end to end encryption?
For years, privacy and security was the main concern of experts worldwide. They have always recommended to adopt strong, open-source cryptography to protect our communications. The US whistle blower Edward Snowden revelations have confirmed our worst fears: governments are spying on our digital lives, grabbing up communications transmitted on the open web world.

Aim of this Infographic

Why don't people routinely use tools to encrypt their data?
Can't we communicate freely without being under the shadow of surveillance?
The answer to these questions is clear. Most of the tools that are available to public doesn't use best security practices such as encryption of messages and end to end communication. The apps that provide all the security features are not easy to use and not wide spread among people.

The main aim of this infographic is to educate the Netizens to secure their data from any kind of surveillance and breach, showing them a way to enjoy their right to communicate freely with anyone.
The best secure messaging apps that protect you from surveillance - Infographic

Source of the ratings of various apps mentioned in infographic are from Electronic Frontier Foundation. I recommend everyone to review the entire scorecard of messaging apps and move on to the most secure ones that can protect your privacy and data online.


  1. Which one of these most secured ones is the most easiest to use?

    1. There are more than one app than you may prefer. The row that contains all green ticks in the Infographic is the best one

    2. I use Stealth chat for both my Android and iOS devices. This app have a burn messages feature and now also have secure VoIP calls, but less emoji and sticker :(


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