Windows classic Start Menu for Windows 8 and 8.1

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In this post I'm going to reveal a trick to bring back Classic Windows 7 start menu for Windows 8 & 8.1 using a very light weight software. If you are missing the classic Windows 8 start menu then this post is for you. Even if you don't, check out the trick to restore the Windows classic Start button in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Little intro about Windows 8 Start Menu

The Start button and the menu at the bottom left has been a centerpiece of Windows operating system since Windows 95. In Windows 8, Microsoft decided to do something new and pave the path for metro style Start menu, but the truth is that it is little hard to adjust to something new after so long time. This was the main drawback of Windows 8 failure.
Though Microsoft has decided to bring it back in Windows 10, we cannot expect the complete release of WIN10 OS until May 2015. So, here is a smart tool that can make you feel better by restoring the start button and menu like in Windows 7.
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How to get start menu on Windows 8.1

This Start Menu 8 tool replicates the navigation structure and menu that you are familiar with Windows 7. Start button for windows 8 is available for free Download from CNET website.
Its a 7mb application, after downloading it, just follow the installation procedure and install the software. Now right click on the start menu and select settings to customize you start button and menu.


Styling options

Start menu 8 allows to stylify your start menu by selecting the old windows 7 start menu with transparency or new windows 8 start menu appearing in the start menu box having a feature to scroll and select the desired applications. You can see the images below.


Custom Start Buttons for Windows 8

When you are setting up the options for start menu, you are given a choice to select your own icon from the given wide variety of icons present. You can download more fantastic icons online. This makes your start button to look more natural. As you can see I have chosen the Windows 7 start button in the above pictures, you can select your own as shown below.

Customized User Interface,Menu and Start up

Start button Menu lets you keep it basic and only include your most commonly used items, or the item you like most so you can navigate through your entire system from the menu very easily. A great addition to this tool is that it has the ability to incorporate a menu for your Windows 8 Metro apps. You can switch to you Windows 8 apps even through this start menu.
Through the settings menu,You will be able to directly boot to your desktop on startup of system, You can even disable the metro style menu completely and change the hot keys used for navigation in metro style start menu of windows 8.
general-settings-of windows-8-start-menu



The only drawback is that it takes little time to setup the program to look exactly as you need. If a few presets or quick-start options might have been minimized this time.

How to restore Metro style start menu of windows 8

To revert back to windows 8 metro style start menu, all you have to do is just uninstall the program from your control panel. Your metro windows 8 start menu will be restored.

Botton line

For the new users of Windows 8, this is a perfect tool for better navigation and user experience. You can customize it to look exactly like windows 7 start menu by changing few preset settings. This tool even has some extra features like feature for recognition of invalid shortcuts, option to set the number of recent items to display, stability & optimized performance also better support for Windows 8.1.

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