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Welcome back friends, In this post I'm going to discuss on the topic of how to secure your Gmail account from hacking. I took this topic as most of my friends have reported that their accounts security was compromised eventually. Below are the tips to save your account from the eye of a normal hacker. Although no one can save you from a perfect computer security professional if he intends to compromise your Google/Gmail account security.

Is it really possible to hack a Gmail account?

Well, to this question one of my favourite quote applies.
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!
The actual answer to this question depends on the context and the security features provided by the email service provider. We know that the best email service provider is none other than Google itself. Gmail is widely regarded as the most secure email service. Gmail is one of the most popular email service till date, it is always associated with user-friendliness and security. Despite all the attempts Google does to keep your emails safe, you may still fall as a prey to hackers, phishers and scammers from all over the Internet.
In practical, it is almost impossible to hack the Google accounts by compromising the servers as every account password is encrypted several times with a widely distinguished and most secured algorithms in very secured servers maintained by Google. Google has been forging its Gmail security system by adding new security features. Even though they are compromised the servers, password decryption becomes a hectic task.
But at the same time the answer is yes in some context. In these cases the users security systems such as computers, mobile phones are breached rather than servers. This technique is like selecting the victim and the intruding into his account by knowing his password or some other methods like cookie stealing or webpage phishing etc.(there are uncountable ways to do it)
So we can conclude that selective victimization is more easy than a whole system security breach.

Before proceeding check whether your account it is hacked or not

In a recent data breach Russian hackers have claimed to compromise 5 million email accounts and placed them on internet. Unfortunately these accounts included Gmail and other large email service providers like Yahoo. So, better check your account status here.
If your account was not in the list that's a good news anyway secure your account to prevent any future breach.
If it is in the list, don't worry you are on the right path this post also deals about Securing your Google Account after a possible hack.

Here are 5 Ways To Tighten Up Your Gmail Security:

1. Always maintain a Strong password that is unpredictable

Most of the people who have more than one email ids always commit a big mistake of maintaining the same password for all the email so that they can remember easily. But this is a blunder. Never do such a thing. Create a unique password for every account you have. When I say a unique password don't use the tools that are available online to create unique passwords. This is also another very big mistake. Always remember everything you do online is 95% insecure.
If you don't have an idea how to create a unique and secured password just follow these tips.

Points to note when creating a strong password (do's and don't s)

  1. Don't use your name or date of birth or anything else known to every one.
  2. Don't use the password similar to your email address.
  3. Don't use the names of your family numbers.
  4. Always use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  5. Always Capitalize the letters in the middle of your password. At least two capital letters is appreciable.
  6. Always remember your Password must have minimum length of 16.

2. Log in to your account regularly

Make sure that you log in to your account regularly. Don't leave it for a long time without activity. If it was accessed by some other person you will be a victim of the hacker's activity. Remember to use always "https" in the URL don't use "http".

3. Check out the account activity every time you login

Tracking your account activity helps a lot. Gmail has a feature to review your logged in locations and IP addresses of the devices you have logged in. Even if you accidentally forget to log out from a device, you can remotely log out from it later using any device.

How to logout remotely from all Gmail sessions

  1. Log in to your Gmail account, wait till it completely loads.
  2. Go to bottom right corner on the page and find the text "details". See the image for illustration.
  3. Click on it and a new window will open showing all the details of your activity.
  4. Click on "sign out all other sessions" button to log out from all other open sessions.
Make sure that you check all the IP addresses of the devices you have logged in. If anything found suspicious then its time for your account password to be changed.

4. Never use public computers

Most of the accounts are hacked due to usage of public computers. My suggestion is not to use in any case a device that is not your private one. Public computers might contain hardware of software key loggers that are fully undetectable. Key loggers are the most easiest way to hack Gmail account online or offline. Only use home computers as far as possible.

In extreme cases use the on screen keyboard to enter your passwords and delete all the history, cookies, form data and everything from the browser you have accessed your Gmail account.

Also make sure that you use a good antivirus to secure your computers and keep it free from any key loggers or Trojans. If you use a wireless network to access Internet learn "how do you secure a wireless network" through Google by changing it enabling WPA protection. Your accounts can also be hacked through wireless network sniffing.

5. Enable 2 Step verification for your Gmail account

This is the last suggestion but the most important one and this can guarantee a very secured account. For enabling two step verification.

1. Go to the below link and click get started.
2. Follow the required steps and add your mobile number.
3. Make a back up copy of your offline codes.
For applications like twitter, yahoo or microsoft acount that cannot request for the verification code, you can also create application-specific passwords for them. you also need not remember these application specific passwords. So basically your account will be in penetrable.

How this protects you

2- step verification is an extra layer of security added to your account with your mobile phone. Every time when you log in to your account from a device you will need your mobile phone to complete the log in process. With out your phone it is not possible. You have an option even to remember your device.
Even if you don't have a phone, make sure that you have your offline codes generated and available near to you.

Final words

As the saying :P
Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it.
It is possible to hack anything and also make anything Hack proof.

Do you have a better tip to secure everyone's Gmail account? Drop a comment below and let everone know.


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