Disable Last active Time stamp and Mobile Icon next to your profile on Facebook


Hello friends, In this post we will see how to remove Last active time stamp next to your profile in the chat box on Facebook.

What does this mobile icon suggest and Last active Time stamp

The mobile icon symbolizes that you have enabled push notifications on your mobile. The last active time stamp conveys what was the last time you were online. 1m or 1h or 1d next to a profile shows the time when your profile was last active 1 minute ago or 1 hour ago or 1 day ago respectively.
This is the most annoying thing I ever found on Facebook (after game requests).
Unfortunately there is no way to remove this time stamp. I have reported the issue even to the Facebook team but I received no reply from them. So, here are some steps you may follow to remove the Last active time stamp next to your profile (no guarantee).

Steps to be followed to Disable Last active Time stamp next to profile name

On Android phone

  1. Open Facebook mobile application.
  2. Move to "Privacy Settings" then to "Notifications" head on to "Mobile Push or Push Notifications". Uncheck all the push notifications.
  3. Go to "Privacy Settings". Then go down to "Ads, Apps & Websites" and click on "Edit Settings". Next go into “How people bring your info to apps they use" and click on "Edit Settings" and remove all unnecessary permissions.
Restart Your phone and test it. If you have Facebook messenger installed then turnoff all the notifications for 24 hrs.


Open Facebook messenger and navigate to "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Facebook" and select "Switch to off".

This trick worked for me. For every 24 hrs you need to turn-off notifications on Facebook messenger
If you still face the problem then remove your phone number from Facebook.

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How to remove Mobile Icon

Mobile icon suggests that you have push notifications enabled on your device.So, disabling push notifications solves your problem.Just Follow the same procedure given above, It also works to remove the mobile icon.

Final words

Even after removing my phone number the time stamp remains and I have icon beside my profile. Final solution to this problem is to delete your account and create a new one and make sure that you never install the messenger or add your phone number on Facebook timeline (Or) wait for Facebook to solve this problem (I don't expect Facebook does).

Updated post on How to disable last active time stamp on Facebook

Thank you for reading this article.Do you have a problem with the above mentioned procedure? Leave a comment and please let us know.


  1. actually there is a way, if you download Opera Mini or Opera Browser you will not be detected on facebook. I've done this and researched it thoroughly inside and out and it is the way.

    1. Thanks for your comment :) .. hope some one might find it helpful

    2. Not so actually, I do not have FB app on my iPhone but log in via its browser and people still see time stamp and 'last seen'
      When I log in via computer people still see I am active via the chat list even though I have 'chat' turned OFF.

      I downloaded opera mini for my iPhone and problem still occurerd..so downloaded Opera Browser on computer...still same problem...FB has nothing in the hlep pages on this issue so I guess deliberate...why?

    3. Hey have you figured out solution coz i am having the same problem..


  3. Disabled push notifications, all ads permissions, logged out from Facebook on my tablet and FINALLY got rid of this "last seen at" curse. Thanks a lot.

  4. 1. Go into downloaded Messenger Icon/shortcut directly on your phone. 2. Go to upper right hand symbol 3. Uncheck box that says Facebook chat

    Good luck! Hope it works for you!

  5. Nothing works..I have 'chat' switched off on FB when using computer MAC iOS but people still see that I am active or last time active on the chat list..this happens whether I access FB from computer or iPhone...I have uninstalled the FB app from mobile and access via my browser on phone (safari) neither do I have 'messenger installed' What is the point of switching 'chat' off if other users are still being told your last active time, or active now?

    1. Hey have you figured out solution coz i am having the same problem..

  6. it works with opera mini!! Finally! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This no longer works with the new updates. Any idea how to turn off the time stamp now?


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