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Hi friends, I'm back with another awesome post. We are very familiar with Whatsapp, Hike, Kik and other messenger applications for Android mobiles. But out of all these messenger applications Whatsapp has been a rival due to its easily usable interface and speed of delivery when compared to other messengers. One of the main cause of its popularity is that the Whatsapp messenger application doesn't pop up any advertisements.
That's fine when we are in a area where internet is available. But what is the case when there is no Internet access to our phones and not even a wifi network. All these apps become useless. To solve this problem a new mobile application was evolved called Firechat.

What is Firechat?

Firechat is a mobile messenger application developed to connect with the people around you when there is no internet connection available referred as an off-the-grid chat. Firechat is uniquely designed to work in areas without cell reception. It is a Free messenger application available to download on PlayStore for only Android mobiles. It works even when there is no mobile network or a wifi network.

What makes Firechat different from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Hike etc? and Why should I use it?

The most used messenger applications and social networking sites vary a lot from Firechat. These apps are not available unless you have an access to internet connection. Even though you are little near to your friends, to connect with your buddies using these apps is costly as you need a mobile network or a wi-fi connection. If you don't have a network can do nothing.
But Firechat is designed for off-the-grid messaging. You don't need a mobile network or a Sim card or a wi-fi network even. It works any where in the world to connect to the people around you.

How it works

When there is no cellular network or wifi connection to the broader internet, Firechat lets users send text and images to each other using bluetooth or peer-to-peer wifi. It is similar to a Bluetooth messenger where you will be sending messages using your Bluetooth or peer-to-peer wifi. It is referred to as a mesh network.
And assume if one person in the group of Firechat, known as a mesh network, has an internet connection or an access to wi-fi network, it can be shared with every other mobile device connected to the group.This makes to extend your wifi signal just with your mobile phones without using any extra hardware devices.
This implies by using Firechat even your mobile phone is without internet access you can connect with your friends using Bluetooth. Firechat is able to connect with the devices up to 100-200 feet around you.


  1. No need of internet connection.
  2. Free to use and no cost to be paid.
  3. No need of a mobile number.
  4. Easy to connect with people around you.
  5. Can send text and images.


  1. Content sent is Unsecured, messages are visible to every one around you.
  2. Spam and offensive content (I have experienced this while using this application).
  3. Cannot connect to distant places.
  4. Slow when sending images.
  5. I don't recommend it for newbies (personal suggestion).

Who is behind it

Micha Benoliel


Entrepreneur, expert in telecommunications and Internet technologies, enabled Skype to launch SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

Greg Hazel

Chief Architect

He is a Software architect who previously led the development of the most popular BitTorrent client ĀµTorrent used by more than 250 million users.

Stanislav Shalunov


Mathematician and Internet architect who created LEDBAT, the new congestion control used by BitTorrent and Apple (15 to 20% of global Internet traffic).
As we can see both Stanislav Shalunov, Greg Hazel were contributors to BitTorrent the largest peep-to-peer network Firechat also uses a similar technology.

How to install and use Firechat

Firechat is one of the app store app. Firechat is available for Free download in Google Playstore
Firechat application Free Download
After downloading the application from the store, you need to create an account by using your email and name. Just follow the instructions as shown in the image and finish up creating an account.
Installation is done and you are now free to use firechat.

Connect with the friends by clicking on Nearby button, join the groups on firechat if you have a cellular on wifi network available.
Warning: As this is a new application there is great chance of spam and offensive content. Don't reveal any of your personal details. Messages sent throungh this app are not secured and can be seen by anyone using Firechat.

What about Firechat for IOS

oops! Firechat is not presently available if IOS devices. Iphone users need to wait to have the fun of using this application.

Final words

As the saying
The more you use it the better you will know it.
Let us hope that Firechat will be rolling out more updates to make the messages more secure and prevent from spam and offensive content.

Thank you for reading this post. Comment your opinion about Firechat below.


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